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oreore /ɔː $ ɔːr/ noun [countable, uncountable]  HCMHEGrock or earth from which metal can be obtained iron ore veins of rich ore
Examples from the Corpus
oreore depositsEarlier studies on the deposit indicated the copper ore can be treated using conventional methods.In fact, things have never looked ore promising for the future of transportation.In the uranium mines, workers breathe in radioactive dust as they dig out the metal ore which contains the valuable element.As the granite cooled it squeezed out hot fluids containing mineral ores in solution.When rain water hits pyrite ore, it forms sulfuric acid, which leaches out copper and other metals.It found itself amongst the stockwork of veins and rich ore was being found continually.So they want a shitload of land around the ore body -- three or four times what they actually need.These ores were deposited from basinal brines rich in calcium chloride.uranium ore
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