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TA relating to farming or gardening methods of growing food without using artificial chemicals, or produced or grown by these methods:
Organic farming is better for the environment.
organic gardening
The shop sells organic food.
organic wine


change or development which is organic happens in a natural way, without anyone planning it or forcing it to happen:
The company's path to success was by means of organic growth.

living things

living, or produced by or from living things [≠ inorganic]:
Adding organic matter such as manure can improve the soil.
Bacteria act on organic waste.

part of something

an organic system or relationship is one in which the parts or people fit well and in a comfortable way with each other:
an organic relationship between the individual and his community
They believe in the organic unity of the universe.

body organs

HB relating to the organs of the body:
organic diseases
organically adverb:
organically produced cheese
A writer's style must develop organically.
WORD FOCUS: environment WORD FOCUS: environment
good for the environment: environmentally friendly, eco-friendly, sustainable, recyclable, biodegradable, renewable, organic

people who want to protect the environment: greens, eco-warriors

things that cause harm to the environment: pollution, greenhouse gases, global warming, acid rain, deforestation

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