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organistor‧gan‧ist /ˈɔːɡənɪst $ ˈɔːr-/ noun [countable]  APMsomeone who plays the organ a church organist
Examples from the Corpus
organistFor example, a single page may be reproduced where there is a difficult page turn for an organist.The Ministry of Defence pays £12 per service to an organist who is not a serving member of the Forces.When not quite fourteen years old he became organist of his parish church, San Lorenzo in Damaso, Rome.How could they be sure the inspired organist had never had a lesson?You blag a meeting with the band's lynchpin, organist Clint Boon.Her last tribute was a most fine rendering of the Hallelujah Chorus by our uniformed organist.We found one fine young organist, who was C3, and in a government office.
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