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or‧gan‧ize S1 W2 also organise British English
1 [transitive] to make the necessary arrangements so that an activity can happen effectively:
The course was organized by a training company.
Students need to learn how to organize their work.
2 [transitive] to manage a group of people who are doing something:
The lawyer helped to organize a group of parents who took action for their children.
organize yourself
The scientists need to organize themselves and work as a team.
3 [transitive] to arrange something so that it is more ordered or happens in a more sensible way:
He doesn't need you to organize his life for him.
Organize yourself to arrive at places on time.
4 [transitive] to arrange things in a particular order or pattern:
We are learning about how genes are organized.
5 [intransitive and transitive]BEL to form a trade union or persuade people to join one:
The law gives workers the right to organize and bargain collectively.

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