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orientalo‧ri‧en‧tal1 /ˌɔːriˈentl◂, ˌɒri- $ ˌɔː-/ adjective  SGSrelating to or from the eastern part of the world, especially China and Japan a beautiful oriental rug oriental art
Examples from the Corpus
orientala beautiful oriental carpetLeaders did not build palaces for themselves; that was for oriental despots.It was the oriental gentleman who sat with them that sent the shudders down Doyle's spine.Then comes the famous Cerveteri tomb of Regolini Galassi, which belongs to the following period, when oriental influence was strong.oriental religionsIn addition to their underlying similarities of character and appearance, oriental rugs are also defined by the manner in which they are made.He rejected a career in Munich, preferring to use his skill, he hoped, to impress oriental rulers.It was Jean Pestell who captured the mysteries of the oriental snow for us.
orientaloriental2, Oriental noun [countable] old-fashioned not polite  SANa word for someone from the eastern part of the world, especially China or Japan, now considered offensive occidental
Examples from the Corpus
orientalSilent orientals passed among the clientele, serving drinks and notes of credit.This harpooner is a dark. skinned oriental known as a Parsee.The hordes of weak orientals ... and the fewer but richer, deadlier westerners.
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