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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishorientatedo‧ri‧en‧tat‧ed /ˈɔːriənteɪtəd, ˈɒ- $ ˈɔː-/ AWL adjective  a British word for oriented
Examples from the Corpus
orientatedAt present teacher training is urban orientated.Day 1: Early flight, arriving in time to walk round and get orientated.The bank itself stands to benefit by providing financial services to technologically orientated companies that are successful.Further courses are coaching orientated, examining what the individual needs to learn and offering it in a digestible format.Ask the task orientated member to regularly sum up where the meeting has reached.Firstly, it is time to accept that television viewers are now totally multi-channel orientated, no longer staying with one channel solely.The vertical column is filled with glass beads or randomly orientated short pieces of glass tubing.Even if firms were completely market orientated, they would still make errors of judgement from time to time.
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