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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishldoce_244_bornateor‧nate /ɔːˈneɪt $ ɔːr-/ adjective  ldoce_244.png DECORATEcovered with a lot of decoration an ornate gold mirrorornately adverb an ornately carved chair
Examples from the Corpus
ornatethe ornate 18th-century Royal PalaceThe luxurious dress, ornate chair and intimate setting reflect the rococo spirit of the period.An ornate clock hangs from the ceiling.The bridal gowns were far too ornate for her taste.The parlor features a fireplace, a frescoed ceiling, chandeliers, ornate furniture and an antique black telephone.Windows in the later period were very large and had ornate geometric or curvilinear tracery.A pair of ornate gold candlesticks stood on the altar.The ornate interior of the opera house was almost overwhelming.The heavy ornate kitchen door swung silently open on well-oiled hinges.Chandeliers swayed as chunks of plaster and gilt from the ornate Senate ceiling rained down on to empty desks.Running down the centre of the Boulevard of the Victory of Socialism, there were rows of ornate street lights.
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