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oscillatoros‧cil‧la‧tor /ˈɒsəleɪtə $ ˈɑːsəleɪtər/ noun [countable]  HPETEE technical a machine that produces electrical oscillations
Examples from the Corpus
oscillatorFig. 3 shows the basic circuit of such an oscillator.The analysis reported here has been motivated by investigations of high-frequency cellular oscillators with periods of the order of minutes or less.In practice the rate at which samples are passed along the device is controlled by a clock oscillator.The final technique for producing a velocity profile involves a voltage.controlled oscillator with the controlling voltage generated by an analogue circuit.Band filters that can be tuned down to low frequencies are useful in a host of applications including electronic oscillators.The arrangement of counters allows a range of oscillator frequencies to be adopted.A neat example of a sinusoidal oscillator is the Wien bridge oscillator shown in figure 10.13.
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