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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishostensiblyos‧ten‧si‧bly /ɒˈstensəbli $ ɑː-/ adverb  PRETENDif something is ostensibly true, people say that it is true but it is not really true syn supposedly She stayed behind at the office, ostensibly to work.
Examples from the Corpus
ostensiblyExpected early in the year, it had been postponed, ostensibly because of the Gulf war.Ramsay's other secret society, the Right Club, was also ostensibly closed down at the outbreak of war.They were shot by one or more gunmen ostensibly delivering a painting, business people said.The project in which everyone at Black Mountain was ostensibly engaged was building the community and personal growth.These external agents are beyond organizational control and, hence, ostensibly immune to corrective action.Diligently, even angrily, we express, discuss, and defend our ostensibly knowledgeable positions.It is the absurdly pompous Pons who ostensibly pieces together the scattered evidence of Urim's past.A stranger came to the door, ostensibly to ask for directions.
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