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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishostentatiousos‧ten‧ta‧tious /ˌɒstənˈteɪʃəs◂, -ten- $ ˌɑː-/ adjective  1 SHOW OFFsomething that is ostentatious looks very expensive and is designed to make people think that its owner must be very rich She carried her car keys on an ostentatious gold key ring. an ostentatious display of wealth2 SHOW OFFsomeone who is ostentatious likes to show everyone how rich they are He was vain and ostentatious.ostentatiously adverb
Examples from the Corpus
ostentatiousI thought of framing the letter, but that would be ostentatious.Sean Scully is one senior abstract painter whose work is both personal and ostentatious.New Yorkers drank too much, entertained too lavishly, and were ostentatious and wasteful with money.Janir chose skiing, which like so many sports was laced with posturing and attitude and ostentatious display.a big, ostentatious engagement ringThe plantation-style home is comfortable, not ostentatious, furnishings a rustic combination of flea market antiques and Storehouse chic.They built themselves huge, ostentatious houses.an ostentatious lifestyleShe cobbled together a rough draft and then rewrote it, trying to remove the more ostentatious signs of plagiarism.Stretch limousines were an ostentatious symbol of wealth in the '80s.The most ostentatious team in professional sports made the decision to play football and let the histrionics take care of themselves.The Fromes were certainly among the smartest parents present that evening, though in no ostentatious way.
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