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osteoporosisos‧te‧o‧po‧ro‧sis /ˌɒstiəʊpəˈrəʊsɪs $ ˌɑːstioʊpəˈroʊ-/ noun [uncountable]  a medical condition in which your bones become weak and break easily the risk of developing osteoporosis
Examples from the Corpus
osteoporosisHologic makes medical equipment that measures bone density, used to diagnose osteoporosis.Although 70 years old and permanently hunched over from osteoporosis, she was still a compact bundle of energy.Toe touches and sit-ups should be avoided; they are particularly harmful to anyone who has osteoporosis in the spine.Many people won't know they have osteoporosis until there's a nasty break.Muscle strengthening and toning exercise is therefore particularly helpful in the prevention of osteoporosis.On the other hand, calcium supplements are recommended to prevent osteoporosis after menopause.Similar definitions apply to osteoporosis or clinical depression.Before considering their use, however, your wife should not forget about other important measures to treat osteoporosis.
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