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ostleros‧tler /ˈɒslə $ ˈɑːslər/ (also hostler American English) noun [countable]  BODSHa man who took care of guestshorses at a hotel in the past
Examples from the Corpus
ostlerAn ostler took the cavalryman's horse while a liveried footman relieved him of his helmet and cumbersome sword.Grooms and ostlers furnished us with horses for our journey.Grooms and ostlers were already in the yard.Horses rearing and neighing, as ostlers and stable-boys tried to calm them down and lead them away.Carts full of precious belongings were being unloaded in the courtyards; ostlers, grooms and farriers shouted and yelled.A red-nosed ostler took their horses.The cries of ostlers, grooms, outriders, serjeants and clerks rang out.Yet another story tells of a young ostler who worked at the inn.
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