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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishothernessoth‧er‧ness /ˈʌðənəs $ ˈʌðər-/ noun [uncountable]  STRANGEwhen something is strange and different
Examples from the Corpus
othernessAnxieties about the cohesion of multiracial societies are in fact not about cohesion, but about difference, about accepting otherness.She had been quite unprepared for his beauty and his otherness.We are fascinated, all of us, by the implacable otherness of others.Here was the ironic otherness that existed in the Little Saigon community.Many immigrants experience a sense of otherness.He was a kind of male Malinche figure, one who insisted on otherness rather than on accommodation.Part of what they learnt was their own otherness.History, with a capital H, similarly can not tolerate otherness or leave it outside its economy of inclusion.
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