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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishought toought to /ˈɔːt tuː $ ˈɒːt-/ ●●● S1 W1 modal verb  1 SHOULD/OUGHT TOused to say that someone should do something because it is the best or most sensible thing to do syn should You really ought to quit smoking. The company ought to be making changes in its marketing strategy. What sort of crimes ought the police to concentrate on? You were out enjoying yourself when you ought to have been studying.2 used to make a suggestion about something you think is a good idea, especially in a social situation syn should We ought to get together some time soon. You ought to meet him; he’s really nice. We ought to get her some flowers for her birthday. I ought to call Brian.3 SHOULD/OUGHT TOused to say that someone should do something or something should happen, because it is morally right or fair syn should You ought to be ashamed of yourself. The courts ought to treat black and white defendants in exactly the same way. Many people felt that America ought not to take part in the war.4 PROBABLYused to say that you think something will probably happen, is probably true etc syn should He left two hours ago, so he ought to be there by now. They ought to win – they’ve trained hard enough. That ought to be enough potatoes for eight people. New technology ought to make this easier.GRAMMAR: Patterns with ought toYou say that someone ought to do something: You ought to explain. You say that someone ought to have done something: You ought to have explained (=but you did not).You say that someone ought not to do something: She ought not to go.You say that someone ought not to have done something: She ought not to have gone (=but she did go).You can also use oughtn’t: She oughtn’t to go.She oughtn’t to have gone.You ask ought someone to do something: Ought we to tell them?You ask ought someone to have done something: Ought we to have told them?
Examples from the Corpus
ought toYou really ought to apologize to her, you know.We ought to be able to find someone to do the job pretty quickly.Tricking old people like that ought to be illegal.I believe women ought to be ordained to the priesthood.You ought to be proud, Herb.The berries ought to be ripe by now.If there is not tension at the Times around this issue, there ought to be.Maybe we ought to call the doctor.Don't you think you ought to eat before you go?You ought to email or call her and say you're sorry.In the genre terms, that ought to have made him unassailable.She ought to have recognized Harry, that woollen hat, the jacket.They can just be people who believe they ought to reshape society from top to bottom.Tom Ripley ought to write the letter, he thought.
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