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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishoughtaought·a /ˈɔːtə $ ˈɒːtə/ modal verb informal  a way of saying ‘ought to’ – used especially in writing to show how it is pronounced by some people You oughta tell your mom.
Examples from the Corpus
oughtaFilter your water like you oughta?Des shuffles his feet, like he's just the driver and didn't oughta be around.You oughta know who was the big winner at the Grammy Awards Wednesday night.He oughta know.I was there, I oughta know.You oughta learn to keep it down, boy.You oughta listen a little instead of talking so much about money.Meanwhile, they oughta quit bitching about a process they refused to participate in.Cause we probably oughta try to do the same kind of format.
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