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our man

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishour manour manspokenGUILTY used by the police to refer to a man that they are watching or trying to find, especially because they think he is responsible for a crime Gareth couldn’t possibly be our man. He couldn’t possibly be a murderer. Perhaps our man parked his car at the station and took the train. man
Examples from the Corpus
our manShe asked if there were no more warriors among our men.As our men did not wish to write-off two company cars, the youth escaped.We hide behind our men, peeping at each other in a curious and suspicious fashion.The fire was the most terrible enemy our men met that day.After an hour our man was still bludgeoning away.In our scheme, we do not ask for the initiative of our men.One of our men spotted a freshly dug fighting position.
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