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our/their eyes meet

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishour/their eyes meetour/their eyes meetLOOK ATif two people’s eyes meet, they look at each other Our eyes met momentarily, then he looked away. His eyes met Nina’s and she smiled. meet
Examples from the Corpus
our/their eyes meetIn between times he looked out the window or stared at me, smiling when our eyes met.The family could hear her swift heavy steps, up there, and did not let their eyes meet.Their eyes met across the crowded room.As the woman searched for a seat, their eyes met and held.Then their eyes met and it was not about money.As their eyes met, Quinn suddenly felt that Stillman had become invisible.When their eyes meet she envisions the fulfillment of her dream of marrying a man with aristocratic connections not from Middlemarch.But when our eyes meet, the invisible daggers fly.
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