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our/your/their differences

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishour/your/their differencesour/your/their differencesARGUEdisagreements We’ve had our differences in the past.settle/resolve your differences (=agree not to argue anymore) difference
Examples from the Corpus
settle/resolve your differencesWhen the two kings had resolved their differences, Dynamius sided firmly with Childebert.What happens after the packs have settled their differences will decide the issue.Having settled her differences, she gave my hand a tentative lick.The warring sides finally came face-to-face at a meeting designed to help them settle their differences.But Lissovsky's biggest problem is to persuade the gangsters who frequent the club to settle their differences elsewhere.We have to settle our differences and come together as one.The pope as the premier bishop was there to settle their differences and to support and encourage.It is that they are not talking because they see no way to settle their differences.
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