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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishout-and-outˌout-and-ˈout adjective [only before noun]  COMPLETEused to emphasize that someone is definitely a particular kind of person or thing syn complete he’s an out-and-out liar
Examples from the Corpus
out-and-outThis joint commitment moves away from the idea of loyalty solely to a single school and from the idea of out-and-out competition.The guy is an out-and-out conman.Either McBride or Neil Back, who are out-and-out flyers, would have provided that option.And then the dark-greens are by no means united in forming a simple statement of what it is to be an out-and-out green.out-and-out liesHe was an out-and-out profligate, darting from one partner to the next.Yet the advent of out-and-out reformers in East Berlin would represent an even greater threat for Moscow.There are a few out-and-out strikers who can be guaranteed to deliver the goods.These are out-and-out touring aircraft, sophisticated both inside and out.It's cheaper than out-and-out war, and they can be disowned if things grow too difficult.
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