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out of commission

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishout of commissionout of commissiona) BROKENnot working or not available for use One of the ship’s anchors was out of commission. b) ILL informal ill or injured, and unable to work commission
Examples from the Corpus
out of commissionOf the 88 locomotives on the Malha Oeste line, 35 are out of commission awaiting repairs or spare parts.Three of the four water wells are out of commission.It looked as if I was going to be out of commission for another extended period of time.The malformed blood vessels of one side of the brain essentially put both sides of the brain out of commission.My knee injury put me out of commission for two weeks.With Mulligan out of commission in 195: 3, Baker formed his own quartet, which lasted three years.The car's insured, but it's out of commission and I need to get to work.Track 13 in front was out of commission, with its people on the ground, prone, in firing positions.The mortuary was out of commission because its doors needed oiling and maintenance.
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