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out of/from nowhere

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishout of/from nowhereout of/from nowhereSUDDENLYhappening or appearing suddenly and without warning In the last few seconds, Gunnell came from nowhere to win another gold medal. From out of nowhere he asks me to marry him! nowhere
Examples from the Corpus
out of/from nowhereGilbert reappeared, sans Bob, but accompanied by Kevin who had materialized out of nowhere.Husbands would wander; a car would appear out of nowhere.While Paul's dilemma came out of nowhere.Anyway, Jimmy had phoned me a few weeks earlier out of nowhere and asked if I could do him a favor.I got to be careful - cars just suddenly come out from nowhere and it's easy to have an accident.She saw it fly out from nowhere, its wings flashing black, then white.Giant amphipods, the size of rats, appear out of nowhere to nibble on the remains.
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