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out of place

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishout of placeout of placea) WRONG/UNSUITABLEnot suitable for a particular situation or occasion He never seemed to feel out of place at social functions. The paintings looked strangely out of place. b) PLACEnot in the correct or usual position The kitchen was spotlessly clean, with nothing out of place. place
Examples from the Corpus
out of placeStill, his philosophy of government would not have been out of place in the Soviet Communist era.She says that it looks a bit out of place in Charlton Kings.He's a bit out of place here.We would therefore have felt out of place wearing business suits.Oseary later attended Beverly Hills High, where he felt out of place among the rich kids.Look at that! You got all of my notes out of place!Shakespeare in Love could seem out of place here-but it reinforces this process in other ways.I felt totally out of place at Cindy's wedding.A Yakut tribesman was out of place in Irkutsk.
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