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out of pocket

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishout of pocketout of pocketespecially British English informalLESS if you are out of pocket, you have less money than you should have, especially as a result of making a mistake or being unlucky If he loses the deal, he’ll be badly out of pocket. pocket
Examples from the Corpus
out of pocketExpenses are all out of pocket.The law required Polly to establish that Peter's activities had left her out of pocket.Some one, at some stage, is going to end up seriously out of pocket as a result.In which case, savers and investors end up out of pocket.But if he lost, he was out of pocket a million bucks.
From Longman Business Dictionaryout-of-pocketˌout-of-ˈpocket adjective [only before a noun] out-of-pocket costs, fees etc are those you have to pay yourself, because they are not covered by insurance, paid by your employer etcout-of-pocket expenses incurred during relocation
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