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out of step

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishout of stepout of stepa) DIFFERENThaving ideas or actions that are different from those of other peopleout of step with This type of training is out of step with changes in the industry. b) PMAmoving your feet in a different way from people you are walking with step
Examples from the Corpus
out of stepTo watch the ceaseless spinning for too long made you feel sick and dizzy and a bit out of step with everything else.He seemed dazed, out of step, like a first-time traveler to a treacherous land.For by the spring of 1992, Holy Trinity was dramatically out of step with the Vatican.It is out of step with changes in industry.At the outset of his presidency, Mitterand was a leader seemingly out of step with the rightward drift of the West.I always was out of step with my generation.And as much as he was out of step with me, he seemed inept with what used to be our world.Or rather, we were out of step by being a little ahead, and a little behind.
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