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out of the picture

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishout of the pictureout of the pictureTAKE PART/BE INVOLVEDif someone is out of the picture, they are no longer involved in a situation Injury has effectively put Woods out of the picture as far as international matches are concerned. picture
Examples from the Corpus
out of the pictureIf you live long enough on South Vermont, you begin to feel not just excluded but out of the picture entirely.Glen had told me she dropped out of the picture after the accident, but she might remember something from that period.As Neta faded out of the picture, he faded in.With Oliver Ingraham out of the picture, things would be as they should have been.Sharif is out of the picture, unable to return for 10 years under his exile agreement.Wedemeyer quickly proved that many of these troubles could be addressed with Stilwell out of the picture.She walked out of the picture and then came back.She kept walking out of the picture and coming back.
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