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out on a limb

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishout on a limbout on a limbALONEalone and without help or support All the other countries signed the agreement, leaving Britain out on a limb. He’d gone out on a limb (=taken a risk) to help us. limb
Examples from the Corpus
out on a limbShe was a chameleon, out on a limb, and had chosen a difficult camouflage.And the only way you're going to fail is if you get out on a limb.But going out on a limb is one thing-this is going out on a twig, going out ona leaf.Breaking new ground often requires going out on a limb.Until you came along, Century House was right out on a limb.Junior was out on a limb.It was about ninety pounds and he went out on a limb for it, too.But only a purely wild man went out on a limb of four or five minutes.
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