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outageout‧age /ˈaʊtɪdʒ/ noun [countable] American English  TPBROKENa period of time during which a service such as the electricity supply cannot be provided syn power cut British English a power outage
Examples from the Corpus
outageEven a one-day outage, such as the one that occurred last June, can cost these giant companies $ 100 million.During outages, as many as 20 have to be moved each day.A brief electrical outage had sapped its power.Play was delayed for two hours by a power outage.Because of frequent power outages, we kept kerosene lamps.Twelve channels of the reactor were refuelled before the outage began and then the fuel route was taken out of service immediately.There is an alarm at the Mission Substation, Novak said, but it was not activated when the outage began.In recent years, the outage has been used to construct or commission major capital projects to extend the plants' capability.
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