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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishoutcastout‧cast /ˈaʊtkɑːst $ -kæst/ noun [countable]  REJECT/NOT ACCEPTsomeone who is not accepted by the people they live among, or who has been forced out of their home syn pariah Smokers often feel as though they are being treated as social outcasts.outcast adjective
Examples from the Corpus
outcastAfter her divorce she was treated as an outcast by her family.Like Berry, his success with guitar-based music made him an outcast on Black Main Street.Warriors of Chaos, human outcasts from the wars, flocked to join the Beastmen and other creatures of Chaos.Lepers might be social outcasts, but they were not federal criminals or otherwise without the protection of states' rights.In base camp, we were the animals and the outcasts.He completely disregarded strictly enforced social conventions and religious restrictions in order to contact the outcasts of society.The traditional outcast or pariah becomes the hero in this new age.
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