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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishoutcryout‧cry /ˈaʊtkraɪ/ noun [countable usually singular, uncountable]  PROTESTan angry protest by a lot of ordinary people The closure of the local hospital has caused a huge public outcry.outcry against/about/over a national outcry about the lack of gun control lawsoutcry from The proposed changes caused an angry outcry from residents.
Examples from the Corpus
outcryDespite an outcry, the university refused to change its admission policies.The angry outcry from officials and the press was deafening.We read no cogent outcries from illiterates.The killings by the military have caused an international outcry.It had been stopped in its tracks by the Railway Inspectorate and a public outcry.The shooting of an unarmed teenager by police caused a public outcry.The lack of evidence and the circumstantial nature of the testimony caused a public outcry.That bid sparked a public outcry.In contrast, there was a public outcry in Cleveland over the loss of the Browns.The public outcry against the executions made little difference.The last sentence may seem obscure or - in the light of recent outcry against paedophilia - a hedging of bets.There was a widespread outcry over the increase in fuel tax.outcry against/about/overOne waits for an outcry about such abuses from honest attorneys or an investigation by the local bar association.There was an outcry against Hollywood, the very thing Hays and Zukor had tried to avoid.The most desperate outcry against the war was from women throughout the world, and especially from Arab women.The public outcry over the massacre led to the resignation March 12 of state Gov.The last sentence may seem obscure or - in the light of recent outcry against paedophilia - a hedging of bets.The move, disclosed by health chiefs, is likely to create controversy after the outcry over school league tables.Where is the outcry against these men?The outcry against the taxation of domestic heating is misplaced.
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