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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishoutermostout‧er‧most /ˈaʊtəməʊst $ -tərmoʊst/ adjective [only before noun]  OUT/OUTSIDEfurthest from the middle opp innermost the outermost stars
Examples from the Corpus
outermostMen advanced with beams of timber to the edge of the outermost ditch and there proceeded to erect a gibbet.The immense system of rings now spanned the sky, and already the ship was passing over its outermost edge.The outermost fragments were as much as 20 miles apart.Vologsky was like a zombie, existing on the outermost fringe of sentient life.The outermost layer was the all-too-familiar brick.the outermost petals of the flowerOn the outermost point of the peninsula we could see straight over to Midland Isle and just beyond that to Skomer Island.The outermost ring, shortest of the four, is the high-band antenna array.One small set includes the elements whose outermost shell is populated by eight electrons.
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