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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishoutgoingout‧go‧ing /ˌaʊtˈɡəʊɪŋ◂ $ -ˈɡoʊ-/ ●○○ adjective  1 FRIENDLYsomeone who is outgoing likes to meet and talk to new people We’re looking for someone with an outgoing personality.2 outgoing president/chancellor etc3 [only before noun]LEAVE A JOB OR ORGANIZATION going out or leaving a place opp incoming the tray for outgoing mail outgoing phone calls
Examples from the Corpus
outgoingThe outgoing criminal code had provided for the death penalty for 18 kinds of crimes.She seems outgoing enough but she keeps things locked inside her.I am an outgoing, lively person who enjoys adventures and meeting new people.An outgoing man, Mr Gibbs engaged himself in conversation with Jimmy and the boy's sisters.Marshall's skills and her outgoing personality made her very effective in her public relations jobs.an outgoing personalityBut Mr Clinton will not be able to immediately bask in the outgoing President's glory.She's become more outgoing since she went to college.I've become more outgoing since.Jamie is a friendly, outgoing woman.
From Longman Business Dictionaryoutgoingout‧go‧ing /ˈaʊtˌgəʊɪŋ-ˌgoʊ-/ adjective [only before a noun]1outgoing telephone calls, mail etc are made or sent by someone rather than being received by themThis telephone can only be used to makeoutgoing calls.outgoing facsimile and data transmission trafficYou will need to log alloutgoing invoices.2the outgoing chairman/president etc someone who is leaving their job as chairman, president etcThe outgoing CEO called together all the senior vice-presidents for a meeting to introduce his successor. compare incoming
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