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outingout‧ing /ˈaʊtɪŋ/ ●○○ noun  1 [countable]DL a short trip that a group of people take for pleasurea family/school etc outing a class outing to the balletouting to an outing to the beachon an outing They had gone on an outing to the pool for Robert’s birthday.2 [countable, uncountable]SYHOMOSEXUAL when someone publicly says that someone else is homosexual, when that person does not want anyone to know
Examples from the Corpus
outingMrs Pollack took her class on an outing to the local museum.We found other times to take him for a stroll without carving into her bakery outing.Winter treat Planning a pre-Christmas outing for the children?Neither law firm outings nor public protests and rallies were quite his style, in any case.Outing: The first outing for the Heighington Over 50/60 club will depart on April 14.As children, she and her sister Ruth had reckoned the first outing to pick primroses as the true herald of spring.Natalia patted Mephistopheles, who wondered what had so revolutionised his life with so many outings.a school outing to the balletThe Ice Bowl is the perfect venue for that extra special school outing or end of term trip.This is like a Sunday-school outing.a Girl Scout outing in the mountainson an outingI approach a trip to a book nook with the eagerness of a child on an outing to the toy store.You can see families on outings alongside the drive below you, looking like ants at their own picnic.Perhaps you are going on an outing or meeting a friend.I looked forward to going to work because it felt more like going on an outing.It contains six small apples and has the sort of handle which makes it easy to carry to school or on outings.There are also plans to take pupils on outings to Wimbledon and Ascot, and there will be nights at the opera.There are glimpses of Mengele joking with the children, taking them on outings, hugging them.They were on an outing from school - a day of activities organised by Scope Southall, an independent community organisation.
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