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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishoutlandishout‧land‧ish /aʊtˈlændɪʃ/ adjective  STRANGEstrange and unusual outlandish clothes Her story seemed so outlandish.
Examples from the Corpus
outlandishNone of it seems too outlandish.He arrived looking suitably outlandish, a traveler from a far place, some one to be cautiously investigated.Parts of Lisa's story sounded outlandish, and no one would believe her.She came to the party wearing an outlandish costume and blond wig.outlandish costumesThere is nothing outlandish in the idea of lions killing hunters.In other words, it might dissuade worthy lawsuits even as it fails to protect against outlandish ones.There is no right of rebuttal, no editorial filter, no mechanism to keep outlandish or unsupported opinions off the air.A crash is a moment of panic when events are out of control and outlandish predictions become thinkable.But that was the sort of outlandish revelation Louis seemed to want.Before going amongst outlandish strangers, it may be sensible to camouflage oneself.
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