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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishoutlyingout‧ly‧ing /ˈaʊtˌlaɪ-ɪŋ/ adjective [only before noun]  FARfar from the centre of a city, town etc or from a main building one of the outlying suburbs
Examples from the Corpus
outlyingOur ability to supply gas in outlying areas has been considerably improved in joint 26A co-operation with our P.E. manufacturers.In addition to the palatial and leafy suburbs, there are areas of inner-city terraced housing awaiting redevelopment and large outlying council estates.outlying farm communitiesBut presently the crowd loosened into smaller groups and a good many people went off into the village or set off for outlying farms.Reports of the battle of Gettysburg took a year or more to reach the outlying frontier territories.Many other botanists have also visited the remote and outlying islands during the period under discussion.This caused considerable movement in outlying regions.Some outlying villages were still under several feet of water yesterday and weathermen warned of more to come in the holiday weekend.Just ahead lay the outlying volcanic islands of To Shima and Nii Shima, and the wind carried us slantwise between them.
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