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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishoutmodedout‧mod‧ed /aʊtˈməʊdɪd $ -ˈmoʊ-/ adjective  OLD-FASHIONEDno longer fashionable or useful syn outdated outmoded ideas
Examples from the Corpus
outmodedThe ` trendies' claim that such a view is elitist and outmoded.Alas, the library became outmoded.By 1904, the Victorian ideal had become clearly outmoded.The government's outmoded attitudes are dragging the whole country back into the nineteenth century.He devised a set of heavy draft horse casting hobbles which are now outmoded but still bear his name.The views of many of the senior professors reflect outmoded concepts and ideas.outmoded economic policiesHe had always thought of it as a superficial and outmoded gesture found only in old novels.People from the South tend to have a lot of outmoded ideas about service.Though conservatives were still attempting to thwart change, he said, central planning and other outmoded Marxist practices had been scrapped.Clearly, before about 1880, Degas rendered all the fast equestrian positions in the already outmoded traditional way.
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