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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishoutrageousout‧ra‧geous /aʊtˈreɪdʒəs/ ●○○ adjective  1 BAD BEHAVIOUR OR ACTIONSvery shocking and extremely unfair or offensive outrageous prices an outrageous attack on his policiesit is outrageous (that) It’s outrageous that the poor should pay such high taxes.2 UNUSUALFUNNYextremely unusual and slightly amusing or shocking an outrageous hairstyle He says the most outrageous things.outrageously adverb
Examples from the Corpus
outrageousTo put a kid like Delia in eight-hour isolation for accepting a cigarette from a friend is bizarre and outrageous.Last night Borg's lawyer said her demand was outrageous.They are also eccentric, outrageous, and, at times, totally out of control.I don't think Kenneth was trying to be outrageous at all.She accused Sloan of telling outrageous lies.They showed a scene from Almodovar's outrageous new movie.The Coen brothers make two kinds of films: big and outrageous or small and outrageous.Mansell had become the master of the unexpected, the outrageous pass.The President accused the writer of an outrageous personal attack on his wife.I've always thought it outrageous that the poor have to pay for tax cuts for the rich.
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