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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishoutranout‧ran /aʊtˈræn/ verb  x-refthe past tense of outrun
Examples from the Corpus
outranThe bull outran him and beat him with a club, and when the hobo went down, he stayed down.The chancery had returned to Carolingian practices, but with an energy which outran its model.The reason is quite clear - desire outran performance by eleven years.Chronically underfunded and overspending, development costs always outran returns.Used to moving fast on jobs, Fitzgerald took to his heels and outran the bees over a couple of hundred yards.Once again, however, the ability of politicians and economists to conceptualise well outran their inclination to examine and analyse practical implications.Fleet-footed young men were always arriving to race with her and she always outran them.
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