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outreachout‧reach /ˈaʊtriːtʃ/ noun [uncountable]  MHSSwhen help, advice, or other services are provided for people who would not otherwise get these services easilyoutreach program/service/center etc outreach centers for drug addicts
Examples from the Corpus
outreachoutreach and education for homeless peopleAlso, they may do more work in the areas of community outreach and preventive care than managers of a group practice.Furthermore, the boundaries between the skills needed in outreach work and main bureau work are not always clear.We finished John's leadership training in September, with 4 weeks of outreach in Northern Ireland.We thought this was a good beginning for some really serious outreach efforts.As we come towards Christmas, please be in prayer for the outreach potential of our services and activities.Imagine our horror, then, when the equity department began a trainee outreach program.Mobile teams were created to back up the village outreach system, providing sterilization and IUDs.an inner city youth outreach programoutreach program/service/center etcThese changes reflect the impact of education and outreach programs, Adjorlolo-Johnson said.Few parishes have gay outreach programs, and Dignity operates almost exclusively out of Protestant sanctuaries.Its outreach program is strictly volunteer.The gum project actually was just one aspect of the airline mechanics' outreach program to involve kids in engineering problems.The outreach services are free, Scholle says, funded by county and state coffers.Imagine our horror, then, when the equity department began a trainee outreach program.The event served as the kick-off to a minority voter outreach program in San Mateo County.
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