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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishoutsetout‧set /ˈaʊtset/ ●○○ noun   at/from the outset
Examples from the Corpus
outsetBut at the outset there is always great harm.I was fairly ignorant of Third World literature at the outset and in many respects still am.Hennepin and La Salle, whose subsequent westward expedition he was to join, struck sparks off one another from the outset.Recognising sharp practice in their dealers from the outset, they would be less likely to blame them for huge losses.Fourthly, from the outset it is important to be sure that there is agreement with the patient about what is planned.Stanford used some physical play inside and the playmaking of point guard Brevin Knight to take the lead from the outset.Prosecutors suspected from the outset that Stoner had fled the country.
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