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outside interests/experiences etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishoutside interests/experiences etcoutside interests/experiences etcJOB/WORKinterests, experiences etc that are not part of your work or studying Children should be encouraged to take up outside interests, such as music or sport. outside
Examples from the Corpus
outside interests/experiences etcHe has got to ask how things are going at home or about my outside interests.One sees again and again that such people grow in outside interests.This would force campaigns to pay less attention to outside interests and more to the people at home.Some of his many outside interests include reading, theatre and debating.Making a mental note not to let outside interests interfere with her work, she began to inject the puppies.Others found that the sheer workload of the course left them unable to develop outside interests, such as reading or the theatre.His outside interests were numerous and varied.Now Martin is looking forward to spending his retirement enjoying outside interests which will include travelling, walking and watching cricket.
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