1 adverb, preposition
out‧side1 S1 W1
a) not inside a building [= outdoors; ≠ inside]:
When we got up, it was still dark outside.
Go and play outside.
see usage note out1
b) not inside a building or room but close to it:
Could you wait outside please.
I'll meet you outside the theatre at 2 o'clock.
outside of American English
Several people were standing in the hallway outside of his room.
c) out of a building or room:
We went outside to see what was happening.
I opened the door and looked outside.
a) not in a particular city, country etc:
She often travels outside the UK.
b) close to a place, city etc but not in it:
We camped a few miles outside the town.
Bolton is a mill town just outside Manchester.
outside of American English
Maritza, 19, lives in Everett, outside of Boston.
3 beyond the limits or range of a situation, activity etc [≠ within; ↪ beyond]:
It's outside my experience, I'm afraid.
outside of especially American English
children born outside of marriage
4 if someone is outside a group of people, an organization etc, they do not belong to it:
Few people outside the government realized what was happening.
from outside (something)
The university administrators ignored criticism from outside.
Management consultants were brought in from outside the company.

outside of somebody/something

informal especially American English apart from a particular person or thing [= except]:
Outside of love, the best thing you can give a child is attention.
I'm taking one big trip this summer, but outside of that I'll be around.
6 if the time that someone takes to do something, especially finish a race, is outside a particular time, it is greater than that time:
He finished in 10 minutes 22.4 seconds, 4 seconds outside the record.
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out, outside, outdoors, out of doors
If you are out, you are away from a building, especially the place where you live or spend a lot of time Debbie's out. She'll be back later. Why don't we go out for the day?If you are outside a room or building, you are not in it but are close to it Meet me outside the library. I sat on a chair outside his office. You'll have to wait outside in the corridor.When outside is an adverb, it can also mean 'not inside any building' It's cold outside.Outdoors or out of doors always mean 'not inside any building' We usually spend summers outdoors. I like weddings that are held out of doors.!! Do not confuse outdoors (with an -s) and outdoor (without an -s). Outdoors is an adverb I like playing outdoors. Outdoor is an adjective that can only be used before a noun outdoor activities such as fishingSee also out

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