2 adjective
out‧side2 S2 W2 [only before noun]
1 not inside a building [≠ inside]:
We turned off the outside lights and went to bed.
The house will need a lot of outside repairs before we can sell it.
2 involving people who do not belong to the same group or organization as you:
Outside observers said the election was free and fair.
Consultants were brought in to provide some outside advice.

the outside world

the rest of the world:
The city is largely cut off from the outside world.
computers linked by modems to the outside world

outside interests/experiences etc

interests, experiences etc that are not part of your work or studying:
Children should be encouraged to take up outside interests, such as music or sport.

an outside chance

a very small possibility that something will happen:
Ireland still have an outside chance of winning.

outside line/call etc

TCT a telephone line or telephone call which is to or from someone who is not inside a particular building or organization:
Dial '9' before the number when making outside calls.

an outside figure/estimate etc

a number or amount that is the largest something could possibly be

the outside lane

TTR British English the lane that is nearest the middle of the road [= fast lane; ≠ the inside lane]

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