3 noun

the outside

a) the part or surface of something that is furthest from the centre [≠ inside]
the outside of
The outside of the house was painted white.
b) the area around something such as a building, vehicle etc [≠ inside]
from the outside
From the outside, it looked like any other big warehouse.
c) someone who is on or from the outside is not involved in an activity or does not belong to a particular group, organization etc [≠ inside]
from the outside
Influences from the outside can undermine the values you want to teach your children.
on the outside
To anyone on the outside, our marriage seemed perfect.

on the outside

a) used to describe the way someone appears to be or to behave:
Ken was furious, but forced himself to appear calm on the outside.
b) SCJ not in prison:
Life on the outside was not as easy as he'd first thought.
c) British English if a car passes another car on the outside, it passes on the driver's side

at the (very) outside

used to say that a particular number or amount is the largest something could possibly be, and it might be less [= at the most]:
It's only a 20-minute walk, half an hour at the outside.

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