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outsizeout‧size /ˈaʊtsaɪz/, outsized /-saɪzd/ adjective  1 BIGlarger than normal a woman in outsize glasses2 DCCBIGmade for people who are very large or fat outsize clothes
Examples from the Corpus
outsizeShe headed for the outsize black car that was parked opposite.Its still sparse population seems shrunk, as it were, in such outsize garments.He wore outsize glasses and talked excessively, usually about his work.At its shortest the coat is seen by some designers as little more than a regular outsize jacket.an outsize pair of glassesOn the white-painted wall of the lobby were several outsize representations of lighted cigarettes with a diagonal red line drawn through them.A younger woman with outsize spectacles behind them periodically gave a slight nod of her head.
From Longman Business Dictionaryoutsizeout‧size /ˈaʊtsaɪz/ (also outsized /ˈaʊtsaɪzd/) adjective larger than normaloutsize clothes
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