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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishoutstandingout‧stand‧ing /aʊtˈstændɪŋ/ ●●○ W3 adjective  1 GOOD ATextremely good an outstanding example of a 13th-century castle an outstanding success His performance was outstanding.see thesaurus at good2 REMAIN/BE LEFTOWEnot yet done, solved, or paid We’ve got quite a few debts still outstanding. an outstanding issue3 very great or clear The question of who is in charge is of outstanding importance.
Examples from the Corpus
outstandingA lot of my teachers were good, but Farley was outstanding.There are a few problems still outstanding.Two of the lawsuits are still outstanding.He enjoyed - almost proprietorially - showing us the museums in Ironbridge, which certainly are outstanding.Her performance was outstanding.Her work has been outstanding all year.The book is a series of interviews with outstanding artists and writers.In the sporting world she has produced very few truly outstanding champions.Any outstanding claims must be settled by the end of the year.The government plans to reduce its outstanding debt, freeing capital for investment.an outstanding debtEd is an outstanding football player.She would create something special, something outstanding for her.Woods is an outstanding golfer.The amount outstanding on your house mortgage and any other loans will be counted as liabilities.Yet these more modest buildings are as important to the character of a town as the architecturally outstanding ones.We need time to catch up with outstanding orders.It was an outstanding performance by a talented young actor.outstanding exampleThe outstanding examples have been in the dating of town defences, as demonstrated by Philip Corder in 1956.An outstanding example is Ferriby house, which dates from circa 1775, and was built by Sir Henry Etherington.To me, as well as being my old mate, he's a fine, outstanding example of a White Poplar.An outstanding example of peasant political particularism had occurred in 1921 in the Tambov guberniia bordering on Kursk.I saw outstanding examples of team work with results impressive in their professionalism.The outstanding example of that is the so-called Glorious Revolution.
From Longman Business Dictionaryoutstandingout‧stand‧ing /aʊtˈstændɪŋ/ adjective1FINANCE a company’s outstanding shares are all the shares that it has sold and that are held by its shareholdersIt will have 14.4 million shares outstanding after the offering.The company wants to raise the $5 million from employees purchasing some of its outstanding junk bonds.2FINANCEoutstanding loans, debts etc are ones that have not been paid yetProceeds from the sale are expected to pay the company’soutstanding debts.The landlord took out a warrant in respect of the outstanding rent. compare overdue3not solved, done, or dealt withOnly queries still outstanding after this stage should be referred to the Help Desk.The committee reached broad agreement on all outstanding issues.
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