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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishoutstretchedout‧stretched /ˌaʊtˈstretʃt◂/ adjective  REACHstretched out to full lengthoutstretched arms/hands/fingers She ran to meet them with outstretched arms.
Examples from the Corpus
outstretchedWe had to edge sideways along with our arms outstretched against the opposite wall for support.Sit on the floor with legs outstretched and apart.It's like an Electric Ballroom gig: rowdy, bawdy, hands outstretched, fingers touching, bodies crushing.His outstretched foot was being singed.It fell forwards and I managed to catch it on my outstretched forearm.Sitting with legs outstretched, squeeze the legs together 30 times, holding each squeeze for 1 second.Sitting with legs outstretched, take hold of your calves with both hands and squeeze them together.Start as before with arms outstretched, then gently curve the body sideways.The birds rose with outstretched wings.outstretched arms/hands/fingersEach time, he caught himself with outstretched hands.In the easier version for younger children, they are freed by touching their outstretched arms.She lopes between the lines of her teammates, slapping their outstretched hands.She stopped instantly, the pot in her outstretched hands.They all have outstretched hands and demanding mouths.She smiled hesitantly, ignored the outstretched hands, and stepped into Silvio's office.Failing all this, raising and lowering your outstretched arms at your side is an accepted international distress signal.Isaac's outstretched hands clawed at the muddy earth, then they relaxed.
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