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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishoutwardlyout‧ward‧ly /ˈaʊtwədli $ -wərd-/ adverb  SEEMaccording to the way people or things seem opp inwardly Calvin remained outwardly calm, but inside he was very angry. Outwardly, at least, he was an optimist.
Examples from the Corpus
outwardlyAmy was outwardly calm, but actually very tense.There he sat, marooned and outwardly calm, massaging his injured limb, while a curious crowd gathered.He stood like a rock, outwardly calm, the comfort and support of the Davis family.He was not what might be described - in comparison with Robert Redford, say - devastatingly handsome or outwardly charismatic.But this enlightened appreciation of outwardly exposing inner feelings does not yet apply to women.The sheds they were among were outwardly like thousands of other sheds they had passed.Outwardly, nothing seemed to have changed.Outwardly she seemed contented and happy with life.This time she appeared outwardly to be perfectly in control.Henry remained calm and outwardly unaffected by the terrible events of the previous day.
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