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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishovationo‧va‧tion /əʊˈveɪʃən $ oʊ-/ noun [countable] formal  PRAISEif a group of people give someone an ovation, they clap to show approval The Chancellor’s entrance was greeted with a standing ovation (=everyone stood up). Fans gave the rock group a thunderous ovation.
Examples from the Corpus
ovationI got a standing ovation from the board.When I finished speaking, the audience gave me a standing ovation.A packed Hall of graduates and undergraduates gave Baroness Park an affectionate standing ovation at the end of her after dinner speech.Outspoken speeches were given which received spontaneous standing ovations.The standing ovations were over for a while.His parishioners applauded more out of charity than conviction, and the emptiness of the ovation embarrassed both speaker and audience alike.gave ... ovationSpectators yesterday gave Thatcher standing ovations at the opening and close of her address.
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