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over and above

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishover and aboveover and aboveMORE/EXTRAin addition to something He gets a travel allowance over and above his existing salary. over
Examples from the Corpus
over and aboveThe city has spent $2 million over and above budgeted funds for the new stadium.By 1910 the inhabitants of Britain consumed a million tons of meat over and above home produce.Each year, industry spends at least £125 million on charitable activities over and above straight forward donations.We deserve to be punished because we considered ourselves over and above the deceased.Proposals over and above the levels so indicated constitute new policy proposals.Rewards are offered to all participants on an equal basis and these rewards are over and above the normal sales compensation.In every site I visited, these funds were over and above the schools' routine costs of doing business.A second response has been the setting of separate targets for each field, over and above those for home students.The unpaid volunteers will not wear uniforms and will not have any special powers over and above those of ordinary citizens.
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