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over and over (again)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishover and over (again)over and over (again)AGAINmany times The way to learn the script is to say it to yourself over and over again. over
Examples from the Corpus
over and over (again)They just keep playing the same songs over and over.Almost as if, having proclaimed himself paralytic in court, he was setting about proving it over and over again.Black teeth and black tongue moving, black lips quite near, saying over and over, My name is Kip.He saw that the boy had written his name many times on the cover, over and over.Joy was now standing, reading the two signs over and over.She'd have to say it to herself over and over again.She went over to the sink and splashed her face with cold water over and over again.So how do brokers manage to do it over and over for countless strangers?The boy appeared skeptical, but then began to chant the aleph-bet, over and over again.
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